The purpose of Science Fiction and Fantasy Cinema is to remember overlooked and forgotten sci-fi and fantasy films. Some of the stuff I talk about aren’t masterpieces, but they’re usually enjoyable and worth checking out. Hopefully I’ll introduce you to something you want to watch, or even fall in love with.

I mostly cover stuff up to the 90s, before movies were dominated by overabundant CGI, wires, and shaky cam. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I don’t feel anything watching actors lifelessly stand in front of a green screen, pretending to react to something that’s not even there.

This isn’t the place to find deep, thought-provoking commentary on the underlying message of Sling Blade about our treatment of the incarcerated mentally-ill. Of course, Sling Blade is a great movie, but it’s no Gremlins 2. I just try to point out why something’s worth checking out, and allow you to interpret the political themes of films like Planet of the Dinosaurs by yourself.

The guy writing this is Allen Demir. I’m a currently unsuccessful writer. But it’s okay since I have a normal job. I’ve been published once, in the November issue Perihelion Science Fiction. So check that out, I guess.


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