The Golden Voyage of Sinbad


It’s a Ray Harryhausen movie, so obviously it’s good. It’s also the one where Sinbad kills (the best) Doctor Who.


Seriously, Tom Baker stars as the villain. Okay, he’s not really the star, but he basically steals the show. In fact, this was the role that got him cast as The Doctor. It’s a great performance, and despite the fact that he never comes off as a remotely likeable person, Baker still makes you almost sympathize with him as he grows weaker.


It’s about the character Sinbad, so you know what to expect him to do, sail around the unknown reaches of the world on an adventure while fighting all sorts of mythical creatures.


Which it has a lot of.


The movie has Sinbad setting on an expedition with the Vizier of Marabia, a man wearing a golden mask to hide his burned face. They’re racing against Prince Koura (Baker) to find a magic fountain, which would grant them a bunch of stuff like a generic crown and the ability to turn invisible. I don’t really get it.


The special effects are incredible for their time, which should surprise no one who recognizes the name Harryhausen, the man responsible for the special effects of movies like Jason and the Argonauts, and Clash of the Titans.


In a movie filled with highlights, the greatest is probably the fight against the animated statue of the goddess Kali, a six-armed figure with just as many blades.


Not only is it the best animated creature in the film, it’s probably the best action scene, as Sinbad’s dashing across the scenery while he tries to fend off the statue.


The Golden Voyage of Sinbad is an incredibly entertaining adventure movie that people can enjoy for the action, the special effects, and exotic scenery. It’s definitely worth checking out.



  1. Every time I watch this film, I’m reminded how much I enjoyed it as a child!
    The Harryhausen effects are awesome and it is a surprisingly beautiful film. DVD finds like this one for $1 are a joy. I can’t wait to watch the other two Harryhausen Sinbad’s!

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